Friday, December 16, 2016

Top 5 Best Phone Finder or Key Finder For iPhone

Losing your iPhone or any personal items can be disastrous and troublesome. And the efforts to find your phone or keys has always being a time consuming issue.

Now this worry can be put aside by using Phone Finder or Key Finder. Just attach phone finder onto keychains or purse or wallet. The phone finder has two-way separation alerts: If you leave your phone finder behind, your phone will ring to notify you! This works in reverse as well!

No more leaving your iPhone, keys, purse or wallet behind with Top 5 Best Phone Finder and Key Finder For iPhone.

1. Tile Mate - Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder - 1-pack

The world’s best-selling Bluetooth tracker just got 25% smaller. Tile Mate easily loops onto keychains or attaches to anything you don’t want to lose so you can find it fast.

Find your phone by simply double press the button on your Tile Mate to make your phone ring -even on silent! You can find your key or any things by using your iPhone to make your Tile Mate ring when it’s nearby but out of sight. Free Tile app remembers the last time and the last place it saw your Tile, so if you left it somewhere, you’ll always know where to look.

If your Tile couldn't show where you left it, you can also anonymously enlist help in the Tile community. With over 5 million Tile devices sold, it is the world’s largest lost and found network.

You can purchase it now from $24.98 (new) at here.

2. TrackR bravo - Key Tracker, Phone Finder, Wallet Locator, Generation 2, Rose Gold 2-Pack

TrackR bravo is the world’s thinnest item tracker that lets you know where your valuables are located. Attach the coin-sized TrackR bravo to any item — then use the TrackR app to locate it in seconds!

2 Way Separation Alerts: If you leave your TrackR device behind, your phone will ring to notify you! This works in reverse as well! No more leaving your purse or wallet behind.

When your device goes out of Bluetooth range and another user comes within range of your device, you will be updated of its new location on a map. Share important items with friends or family so everyone knows where things are located.

You can purchase it now from $49.99 (new) at here.

3. MYNT Smart Tracker & Remote - Thinnest (2 Coin Thin)l: Key, Wallet, Pet Separation Alarm, Key & Phone Finder, Mac Presenter Clicker, Selfie Remote (Silver)

MYNT is not the average tracker made from LEGO blocks. This tiny wonder is the world's thinnest tracker and remote, crafted with a metallic body, and polished with steel, sandblast, or mirror surface.

Simply attach MYNT to an item, so you will always know where it is. Now is the time to track your precious belongings and ensure you never lose them. Once attached, MYNT will track the location of the item within Bluetooth range. Smart alarms will be generated once the tracker is out of range.

It also can be used as universal smart remote to control your smartphone to make selfie shots, play music, and control PPT on MacBook.

You can purchase it now from $19.99 (new) at here.

4. CUBE Key Finder, Phone Finder, Highest Quality Item Finder on the Planet - 1 Pack

Attach CUBE to anything and use CUBE Tracker App to find your Item fast. Use your CUBE to locate your phone with ring, vibrate, and flash, even if the app is not running

Simple CUBE Tracker app will show last known location on a map, uses bluetooth to tell if you are near or far, press find and CUBE will ring, up to 100' range.

You can use CUBE as a shutter button for your iPhone camera to take photos. No need to replace CUBE each year. Just replace battery yourself once a year.

You can purchase it now from $25.00 (new) at here.

5. iTrack Key Finder, Phone, Pets. Any Item, Maps, Location, 2 Way Communication, selfie button

iTack Is Small Bluetooth Tracker That Allows You To Find Your Keys, Phone, and Anything You Don't Want to Lose. iTrack App Will Notify You If Your iTrack Is Out Of The Set Distance With the Phone. Press The Button To Find Your Phone Or Select The App To Ring Or Map Your Keys.

MAPS-Records Location Information Marks your Last Places Where It Was Disconnected Just Fallow The Location On The MAPS And Get It Back. It Has USER FRIENDLY APP Which Is Very Easy To Use And Set Up.

You can purchase it now from $24.95 (new) at here.

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