Sunday, December 18, 2016

Top 5 Best WiFi Smart Power Socket Outlet Plug For iPhone and iPad

WiFi Smart Power Socket Outlet Plug is a wifi socket that connects to the internet so that you can remote control all of home electronics through your iPhone or iPad at anytime and anywhere.

In this high-tech modern life, we need to protect our family safe from electricity danger and consumption. At the same time, we also always want to come home with a comfortable well-prepared home.

WiFi Smart Power Socket Outlet Plug automatically shuts off power after the time interval you select, helping you to use energy more wisely and also you can remotely control your home appliances with your iPhone or iPad. Check out now with our Top 5 Best WiFi Smart Power Socket Outlet Plug For iPhone and iPad.

1. Orvibo Wi-Fi Smart Socket Outlet US Plug, Turn ON/OFF Electronics from Anywhere, White (WiWo-S20)

The S20 smart socket connects your home electronics to the internet so that you can remote control all of them through 2G,3G or Wi-Fi at anytime and anywhere.

Set a timer on the outet, keep your devices safe with a longer life, never worry again about being overcharged. Friendly app design and easy to use. Support max 10 timing task. Prevent overcharging, completely cuts power after timer expires. Support max 20 devices to control Wi-Fi socket. Support status tracking, home appliances status timely feedback to your device. Can be used for fans, air-condition, cell phone chargers, lights, coffee mill etc.

You can purchase it now from $29.99 (new) at here.

2. Smart Plug, WOSUK Wi-Fi Smart Power Socket Outlet, Turn On/Off Your Electronics ,For iPhone Android Phones IOS / Android App Remote Control with Timing Function

With this product, the appliances could be controlled remotely and operated at regular time. You can control appliance by turning on and off with your iPhone on 2G/3G/4G/WIFI network.

You can set charging time to protect your mobile phone and tablet computer from overcharge. And set timed task on the plug to turn on and off the appliance. So you can control various appliances remotely like table lamp, electric warming oven, water heater, electric fan, electric cooker.

You can purchase it now from $19.99 (new) at here.

3. iDevices Switch - WiFi Smart Plug Works with Apple HomeKit, Android and Amazon Alexa

Turn on your holiday lights and tree from anywhere with the iDevices Switch and the free iDevices Connected app from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android device.

Create holiday magic for your friends and family with simple voice commands through Siri or Alexa and set schedules that fit your life. Since the iDevices Switch connects directly through your home’s Wi-Fi, there is no hub needed.

You can purchase it now from $41.99 (new) at here.

4. URANT Wifi Smart Socket Digital Power Timer Switch Wireless Remote Plug Electrical Outlet 2g/3g/4g/wifi Switch on/off Appliance with Free APP for iPhone and Android Smartphones Anywhere -2.4GHZ

With URANT Wifi Smart Socket, you can smartly control electrical home appliance just press on/ off button from anywhere at different time through your smartphones , monitoring energy consumption energy saving, bills saving,time saving under fixed time control.

Just connect your phone to the network and download a free APP, open it and pairing with your phone, shift your fingers to complete setting and switch on/off button. It is capable of supporting max 20 devices which belongs to iPhone and Android Smartphones, iPad, Samsung as well as 10 timing commands via smart socket to control household appliance.

It also can control max 10 electrical appliance task simultaneously, perfect for fridge, air-condition, lights, Microwave, Wifi router, Coffee mill etc.

You can purchase it now from $29.49 (new) at here.

5. Koogeek Smart Plug, WiFi, for Apple HomeKit with Siri, Electronics Controller on 2.4Ghz Network

Works with apple home kit with the Koogeek home app, you can control connected lamp. Siri voice commands the smart plug responds to Siri, letting you control your home directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Set schedules and timers set custom schedules and timers for a device or a scene. Monitor energy consumption/electricity cost energy reporting helps you see how much power, on average, your electronics are using. Create "scenes" control multiple products with a single Siri voice command that activates a particular pre-set "scene".

You can purchase it now from $34.99 (new) at here.

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