Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Monitor water leak with Wi-Fi Water Sensor For iPhone

Wi-Fi Water Leak Detector is a smart wireless water sensor that detect water damage and send instant notifications on your smartphone.

Therefore, it helps keep your home safe. You will get alerted when water is detected in basements, sinks, near a water heater, dishwashers, in a bathroom or anywhere there might be moisture.

Earlier detection of water leakage can avoid a flood or damages to your valuables. It is easy to set up and simple installation.

Check out now for our Top 5 Best Wi-Fi Water Leak Detector For iPhone and Others, before it's too late.

1. D-Link DCH-S160 mydlink Wi-Fi Water Sensor

Connects Mydlink water sensor to your existing Wi-Fi network – Easy D.I.Y. set-up, no monthly fees and no hubs are required. Use mydlink Home App to monitor what's happening at home. Receive push notifications when water is detected via mobile app. Built-in alarm will sound (up to 70 dB) and LED will blink red when water is detected.

Detachable cables included (3.5 ft. non-sensing and 1.65 ft. sensor cable) because the leaks don't always happen near an available outlet. So, this cables allow it to be extended even further. It also creates rules via mydlink mobile app to enable interaction with additional mydlink home automation products such as motion sensor, Wi-Fi cameras, Smart Plugs and more. IFTTT compatible - Pair with any IFTTT enabled product or app to connect your Wi-Fi Water Sensor in fun and useful ways.

You can purchase it now from $77.65 (new) at here.

2. Securifi Water Leak Detection Kit: Almond 2015 Router and 1x Flood Sensor

You can use it to monitor water LEAKAGE in your BASEMENTS, SINKS, WATER TANKS or SWIMMING POOLS and get INSTANT NOTIFICATIONS on your smartphone when Water Leak is detected.

You can use it as Router or Range Extender or Wireless Bridge or Access Point. Also acts as a SMART HOME SECURITY and AUTOMATION HUB
REMOTELY ACCESS ROUTER and connected FLOOD SENSORS using the free Almond iOS and Android apps. Simple Touchscreen Setup that doesn’t require a PC or Mac or Web Browser.

You can purchase it now from $99.99 (new) at here.

3. Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensor

The SmartThings Water Leak Sensor can monitor moisture to send you alerts that could prevent a leak from becoming a flood. Get an immediate alert on your smartphone at the first sign of excess water.

Trigger a light or siren to turn on to alert you if water is detected where it doesn't belong. Place the sensor beside the sump pump in your basement to be notified if the sump pump fails. It can also monitor temperature. However, it requires Samsung SmartThings Hub.

You can purchase it now from $39.99 (new) at here.

4. Lyric Wi-Fi Water Leak & Freeze Detector

At the first signs of leaks, freezes, or excess humidity, The Lyric™ Wi-Fi Leak & Freeze Detector can alert your smartphone. Notification includes mobile & audible alerts – messages can alert you or your family/friends wherever you are, while audible alerts sound when you are at home.

Connects to standard Home Wi-Fi directly – no need for an extra hub. Temperature & humidity sensing – Detect low temperatures that can lead to frozen pipes, and humidity that could damage valuables. 4 foot water sensing cable included – the entire 4’ cable senses water providing expanded coverage.

You can purchase it now from $78.75 (new) at here.

5. Wifi Water Detector with Buzzer and Email / Text Alerts

Proteus Wifi water sensors detect presence of water in your basement or any location, and alerts you via email or text message. It connects to your home or office wifi networks to keep track of your floors round the clock with no monthly charges.

Connects to your home or office wifi. No hub or gateway required. Sends alerts by email/ text messages to your inbox or smart phone.
Easy set up, with back mount power plugs directly into wall outlet.

You can purchase it now from $99.00 (new) at here.

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