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Top 5 Best Chinese Astrology & Feng Shui Apps For iPhone, iPad And iPod

Depending on how superstitious you may be, everyone knows that many aspiring home owners want good tidings to come into their home. And one tip to do that is through Feng Shui which normally requires the aid of some reference materials or by an actual Feng Shui specialist. The iPhone changes all that with the Life Compass App for the iPhone. With the Life Compass app you can now locate the Qi energy which will bring you good fortune as far as success, relationships, health and spiritual growth. Check out for Top 5 Best Chinese Astrology & Feng Shui Apps For iPhone,iPad And iPod below.

1. Feng Shui Bagua Map - Tisha Morris

There are various types of Feng Shui but this App uses the more popular westernized version (including Black Hat or BTB Feng Shui). Everything you need to know about each area of the Bagua Map is revealed with a mere tap to the appropriate square.

*Click on each section of the map for all the information you need for that area of your home!** Based on the most common method of Feng Shui. Apply it instantly to your home, office, desk, or even vision board.

Download now at Feng Shui Bagua Map - Tisha Morris (For iPhone)

2. Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology 2012 Edition - ObjectGraph LLC

Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui 風水 tips are now right at your fingertips with this easy-to-use app designed for everyday use. Discover a wealth of information that will help generate prosperity and good fortune for the current year and beyond, whether you are home, traveling, or at the office.

Get instant advice on how to best manage personal relationships, love interests, career choices, and more, while at the same time learning how to minimize problems that can affect you each year. Learn how to improve your financial position and reap good fortune by properly aligning your living space or office with this app. Experiencing difficulties in life? Chinese Astrology & Feng Shui 風水 can provide the answers!

Download now at Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology 2012 Edition - ObjectGraph LLC (For iPhone)

3. LuQi Feng Shui - Rate Your House! - DELEMME Diffusion

The LuQi application analyzes, in an entertaining way, the potential of your House according to its Front Direction and Building Period. The Diagnosis of the House, like the Diagnosis of the different Sectors that make it up is calculated and analyzed each time the data given by the compass change.

You will then be able to think about the way you use your rooms, and maybe choose the best Sectors for the strategic rooms (bedrooms, living room, study...). It can also help you to choose a house or a flat. In the same manner, LuQi allows you to analyze the potential of a single room.

Download now at LuQi Feng Shui - Rate Your House! - DELEMME Diffusion (For iPhone)

4. Easy Feng Shui with Augmented Reality - Spirit Quest World

You can increase prosperity, change your lifestyle or career, or improve relationships... all without leaving your home!

In Feng Shui, sections of your rooms and home are related to corresponding areas of your life, called the Bagua Map. Using live Feng Shui, or “augmented reality,” in the Easy Feng Shui app, you can use your iPhone viewfinder to literally look around a room, while the app shows you exactly which part of the room relates to places such as the Career area, Wealth area, or the Love and Marriage area.

Depending on what furniture and accessories you have in each spot, you could be helping or hurting that part of your life. Fortunately, by following the Easy Feng Shui app’s suggestions, you can fix those trouble areas and compensate for any issues. It's like having a Feng Shui and Lifestyle consultant in your pocket! But don't just take our word for it.

Download now at Easy Feng Shui with Augmented Reality - Spirit Quest World (For iPhone)

5. I-LuoPan - Mastery Academy

Now, with Joey Yap’s i-LuoPan, you can use Feng Shui to find and tap positive Qi in various sectors of a location to increase your financial gains, improve your health and enhance your relationships.

With a Feng Shui compass, also known as a Luo Pan in Chinese Metaphysics, built in as your iPhone 3GS application, taking accurate readings for directional information has never been this fast and easy!

This is a must-have aid for any Classical Feng Shui enthusiast to determine the facing direction of your property or your work desk or any key features of your office or home.

Download now at I-LuoPan - Mastery Academy (For iPhone)

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